Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Cancer January 10th

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The first full moon of the new decade is headed our way and  it also happens to be a lunar eclipse. The changes taking place now are set to influence our lives over the first half of 2020.

This eclipse is dealing with issues of authority and safety, This simply means that in the areas where we feel powerful and strong, we must use that power for good, and reach out to help others who need a hand during this astrological time.

With this full moon in Cancer, we’ll be dealing with matters of our emotional safety, comfort zones, and what makes us feel nurtured. Allowing space for our feelings and sentimental values under the Cancer moon is important during this eclipse.


We may feel a lack of control due to the effects of the eclipse, but should trust that it’s for the best and know that it’s not over, either, because we’ll be dealing with these themes for the first half of the year.

Pay close attention to what matters arise for you emotionally and otherwise under this lunar eclipse.

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